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Rose Water Extract

Natural rose water

Natural rose water is an important constituent in various cosmetic and medical preparations
In addition, they are also used in perfumes and attar

Having very distinctive flavor, natural rose water has distinctive benefit on the skin care
It cleanses and moisturizes the skin and is very effective for sensitive skin

Natural rose water is a natural skin toner and rejuvenates skin after a stressful day
The rose water is prepared without using any chemical or preservative, therefore ensuring
real benefit of rose water without any harmful effect

Rose water is distilled water of roses, made by steam distillation which smells heavenly and tastes delicious
Cool, refreshing and reduces inflammation in redness in the eyes
Rose decoction is an effective gargle for ulcers in the mouth
Effective skin tonic and clears blemishes, has a calming effect in acne and sunburns
Good for dry, inflamed, mature and sensitive skin
Used as facial wash, keeps refresh and skin moisturized
Mist over face to set makeup
Used as a flavoring in fancy Greek pastries, puddings, cakes and etc
Nature's finest beauty tonic.
Rose water combined with glycerin is one of the world's most widely used hand lotions
Inhaling rose smell relaxes brain and heart
Natural deodorant may be used as cologne
Natural toner that balances the skin after daily cleansing or facial
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