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osmanthus tea Osmanthus Flowers
Osmanthus is an herbal tea, which means that it’s caffeine free
It possesses a rich aroma and wonderfully faint sweet taste.
Even by itself, it is a delicious tea but it is also often mixed with green tea or Anxi wulong tea
Adding Osmanthus to Big Buddha Dragonwell is particularly popular and there is actually a
famous song named after the blend! According to Chinese medicine
this tea is cooling and helps remove inflammation while soothing the respiratory system
rose tea Rose Tea
Rose buds are a caffeine free herbal tea. The rose aroma and taste is gentle and smooth and lightly sweet
You can use it to drink on its own, or add it to another tea like black or anxi wulong for added flavor
and stronger medical function. According to Chinese medicine, rose herbal tea is warming and can help
blood and qi circulation inside of the body. When you make the tea, we suggest you crack open the bottom
stem of the bud from the rose before putting the whole thing in your pot. This will help ope the
concentrated nutrition and give the tea a stronger flavor
Historically, the Greeks were the first to cultivate roses around 500 BC in Greece

Wild Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum buds have no caffeine and can be consumed any time of day without disrupting your sleep
The buds are stonger and richer in flavor than the flowers themselves. According the Chinese medicine
the buds have very strong cooling properties to help inflammation, especially for the respiratory system
It is very popular during allergy season, especially for people with asthma who will drink this tea daily
You can drink this tea by itself, or add it to black puer to make the puer tea’s smell and
taste more complex as well as an added medicinal boost
Research has shown that chrysanthemum is very rich in vitamin A, which is good for healthy eyesight
and for the nerves around the eyes
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