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Deep Trsudted Co is one of the biggest date exporter companies in Asian Cuntries,It has experience of exporting date to  Russia , Malaysia And Germany .  The most popular types of date we exports such as Mazafati, Zahedi, Piyarom, and Rabbi
Piyarom Date Deeo Trusted

Piarom date
Due to Piarom dates is the highest nutritional value, considered the most desirable date of the world
and in southern Iran are cultivated. With the start of the heat season, picking dates from the palm groves begins.
Considering quality is a valuable commodity to international trade such that has been able to capture the attention
of the world's markets
The thin dark brown color of the dates, with its flesh and skin sticking perfectly together has a beautiful appearance
Its moisture content is low and its Semi-cultivar figures are considered
Date  Deep Trsuetd
What is Mazafati Rutab? What is the difference of Mazafati Date and Mazafati Rutab
Mazafati Date has high syrup when it is fresher ,it is Mazafati Ruttab First
the bloom of the tree is converted into green ,firm and nucleated fruit
which is called a tribal or coniferous. This fruit after the roast stage ,20 days should stay in the heat
of palm trees in the tropics on the palm to get half dried ,called those dates
Dates of Mazafati(the best quality in the world)This date might be considered as one of the
most palatable and delicious dates worldwide particularly
since it is eaten in its mid stage of growth (ROTAB). Almost anyone finds this date tasty. Having a
flattering black color, this type of date has a moistness ranging from %15 to %35 according to the harvest
time and the cultivation place. The seed size ranges from 5.2 to 4.5 centimeters

Rabbi dates are a kind of semi-arid date that can be kept at room temperature
These dates are dark, close to black and shiny. Rabbit dates vary in size. Its good
quality is about 4 to 5 centimeters long and its core can be easily removed .
Another type of date is also called Rabbi, which is smaller and much more Rigid and
dry. It has sweet pastry and its flavor is as if it has been slightly fried
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The Benefits of Dates: These small, cylindrical, sweet fruits boast a wide range of impressive health benefits
Dates (Phoenix dactylifera) help lower cholesterol, increase energy levels and maintain an overall good
state of health. Not only do they help prevent premature aging due to their high antioxidant content
but they are also said to ease labor. In addition to this, dates provide good amounts of
B vitamins, copper, potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium, important nutrients with great positive
effects on cardiovascular, muscle and digestive health and energy metabolism

Deep Trusted co, High Antioxidant , Date Palm, Rose water,exporter, importe ,