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  highest percentage of Antioxidants  
      Antioxidants are man made or natural substances that may pervent or delay some types of cell damage
 Nowadays antioxidants in our daily diet are not enough to protect us against cancer or other disease ,and a major of the antioxidants in juices that are made in factories will be destroyed during the process of pasteurization , in order to pervents that from happening
we have made the highest percentage of antioxidants in the world
 that also heat resistant and can be added to juices without changing the
 teastes and yet bring back the fill benefits that can be gained by consuming it
  Why our new formula Antioxidants its different  
  This is the highest percentage of Antioxidants 98% in the world
our products extract from the pure green tea
The tea concentrate, having green tea8/16 FLAVONIDS percent of
the richest sources of the antioxidant catechin
considered to be the most anti-cancer of the food available in the world
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  highest percentage of Antioxidants